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May 18, 2013 – San Pedro Church

There were so many special encounters I experienced during the ministry times at different churches and during the medical brigades because of the evidence of God’s love and provision toward these people. One special event was during the youth impartation service in which I prayed for and spoke prophetic words of destiny over some of the youth.

These words of destiny were received with more of Holy Spirit tangibly felt upon each of them and myself. One young man, François, as I laid my hands upon him, began to weep and receive infilling and the prophetic words spoken over him. His older brother came over to his side, and I was led to have him speak over François. The Holy Spirit moved in a deeper way and I was touched by the unity and provision God’s love between the two brothers, the female youth translator and myself. Then I was led to pray for the older brother who happened to be there that night apart from the youth. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and I was led to speak prophetically over him, causing him to weep. At that time I turned to François and asked him to pray over his brother. Again the Holy Spirit presence encircled all of those surrounding the two brothers. It was a powerful experience and an opportunity for François to use the gifts he received that night. The power of a family ministry was clear to me as the unity and power of His love flowed that night. The youth received because of their hunger and openness to receive all God had for each that night. — Sherie

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