Honduras 2011: Eye Problem & Diabetes

A friend of my translator approached me about my translator needing prayer for asthma. After I prayed for her, a man walked up to me and said “Ok, you can pray for me”. His name is Samuel and he suffered from an eye problem starting 3 years ago. His father died just before that became a complication of diabetes. Samuel had been tested for diabetes but was negative. I started praying for his eyes, but the Spirit showed me that it had to do with his fear of diabetes. So in Jesus name I broke the generational curse of diabetes. I then broke the fear that had taken hold of Samuel. We had less than 5 minutes before the group had to leave so I had to hurry and did not have time to check the results of prayer. The next day I saw him again in church and he was feeling a lot better. We both praised God for his healing power.

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