Hope Restored and Joy Comes with Healing

A young man came up name Wellington. He was struggling with some emotional issues related to loss, depression, anxiety, and emptiness. He was feeling lost and pulled away from Jesus in the midst of his pain. I prayed for healing and comfort over his heart and mind. And, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come and fill the emptiness he felt in a new way. I also broke off a spirit of fear and doubt. As I finished praying, joy spread over his face and he was tearing up. He said he felt something lift off and felt very light and at peace. As we talked a little more, I asked if he wanted to rededicate his life to Christ. He said, “Yes.” I led him through a prayer. At the end, I could sense the Holy Spirit was with him and restoring hope.

An older woman came to me for prayer. She had a ringing in her left ear and a lump in her left breast from breast cancer. I prayed over both conditions and I could sense the Holy Spirit’s presence. When I looked at her face after praying, I could tell something was happening. She was weeping and there was a joy on her. I could feel the heat from the spirit and teared up as well because it felt so strong and comforting. We reinterviewed her and she said the ringing was gone completely. And, then I asked about the lump. She felt for it and it was gone completely too, along with the pain. She said she felt peace when we were finished.

 – Keelyan, Global Student.

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