Husband & Wife Healed as Benign Tumors Dissolve!

A husband and wife came for prayer. I prayed the wife first who had a benign tumor in her left breast. It would cause shooting pain like a needle when she touched it.

We prayed and she felt fire on her. When I asked her to test it, she couldn’t find it! She searched and searched.

Her husband had pain in both shoulders and a benign tumor the size of an orange in his right shoulder blade. We prayed for a short time and I asked him how he felt. He said that the pain in his shoulders was gone and that he felt fire in his shoulder blade where the tumor was. So I continued to pray and my interpreter had a word of knowledge that he needed more faith. We both interceded for an increase of faith that comes only from God and rebuked the spirit of unbelief and fear. We re-interviewed and he said he felt a weight lift off of him. He still had fire in his shoulder blade. So I said that we would soak in God’s presence until He was finished. I thanked God for what He was doing and asked for 100% healing. Soon the tumor disappeared.

They both said that they felt like a balloon had popped and the air had gone out when God healed the tumors. – Marisa

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