Infant Set Free From Effects of Witchcraft in Family

An infant boy (less than a year old) was being tormented by demons. He had “balls” in his throat so that he couldn’t swallow along with rash all over his body, constant pain, and no appetite. His mother reported the doctors could not diagnose him. 

I discerned witchcraft in the family but didn’t have the courage to ask. I was afraid to offend the family. I tried laying hands on the child and prayed, but the boy was so tormented that he writhed and screamed, hitting when I tried to touch him. as if he felt pins and needles in. I had a thought to send him home, but my heart cried out to Holy Spirit for help. I couldn’t send him home without deliverance happening, so I asked for additional help. When my friend, Shandy, came to pray for the child, he also discerned there was witchcraft in the family line. He asked the parents about witchcraft and they confirmed it. He led them to renounce all effects and ties with witchcraft in the family line and prayed the Blood of Jesus’ power and protection. Almost immediately the boy went from deep torment to complete peace and into a deep peaceful sleep. The mother thanked us with tears in her eyes. What doctors could not do, Jesus did tonight.

In addition, I learned how important it is to follow Holy Spirit’s leading in coming against witchcraft, because the process was effortless and peaceful versus trying to war in our own strength. This was a huge personal victory for me. Prior to the service while in the restroom, the Lord said a good “deliverance ministry” was coming and many would be delivered.  I answered Him, “you know I don’t like to do this stuff.” God exposed the lying Spirit that told me that I should not ask Shandy for help because he was busy.

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