Infirmities Leave As Woman Is Delivered

I prayed for a lady, who was unable to walk by herself. She came in with the assistance of her husband and another team member and was crying out in pain. She told me she couldn’t breathe and then she told me she wasn’t feeling well.

I discerned a spirit of python and witchcraft and when I looked into her eyes all I saw were dark eyes staring back at me. I led her in a prayer and broke the spirits off her. She immediately stood up claiming to be healed however when she sat down I knew we weren’t finished. Other team members gathered around her and we asked the Holy Spirit to give us the keys to her freedom. One of the team members picked up on a spirit of false religions. We commanded it to leave and she sat in the chair singing and praising Jesus. When she stood up, she walked all by herself. Thank you, Jesus!

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