Intense Pain in the Heal Gone

Every time we were talking about words of knowledge, I’d have this ridiculous pain in my right heel. It felt like someone was sticking a rod into it. I’d ask God if this was mine or from Him, and I’d get a stab of pain. So, on the last night I called it out as a word of knowledge. I felt like the pain was from running, but wasn’t sure if that was my thoughts or from God. A tall young man came excitedly up to me and said “that’s me!” I asked him if he runs and he said yes and told me that he cycles and swims too—very active. I told him I was so glad to pray for him so I wouldn’t have to feel that pain every time someone mentioned words of knowledge! It was my first chance all week to give it. I touched his feet and commanded pain to go and healing to come. He said it was instantly gone—so I asked him to jump up and down. He did and grinned that his pain was totally gone. Obrigado Jesus!!!


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