Interpreter Learns to Pray for Sick & Healing Happens!

I had been having a tough evening not really seeing many healings at Inspire, so I asked my interpreter, Juliana, to help me pray thinking she might have better results than me. (She had never prayed for healing before.)

After she prayed for a man with a chest condition that improved 80%, man wearing glasses came for prayer to guide him to the right doctor for cataract surgery. I said, “Hey, let’s pray for healing”. I put my hand on the eye and prayed twice with no result. So I asked my interpreter if she would pray. She put her hand on his eye and his cataract completely disappeared! He said the cloud in his eyes had gone. It was fantastic. He did a video testimony and then went to get his friend who was blind in one eye from birth.

The three of us prayed for him. He could feel things moving around behind his eye, and was so happy to know something was happening. There was no actual improvement that evening. He said he had faith he would be healed and was delighted that God touched him. My interpreter took me to meet her pastor so we could share the good news with her. Now Julianna is keen to pray for others. I was so proud of her because she has a bad disability herself. – Lorraine

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