Interpreter’s Double Vision Healed!

My interpreter, Camilia, had stood during the giving of words of knowledge. After she had assisted me with praying for healing for others, another interpreter came over to ask if she needed prayer for anything. 

She said she had stood when someone gave a word of knowledge for an unsuccessful surgery. She began having double vision at age 17 or 18 and had a surgery one and a half years ago to fix it, but the surgery did not work. She saw two images whenever she turned her head quickly, and she said driving was really difficult. After praying once, she said the two images drew closer together. After praying a second time, she said it was nearly 100% better. She began testing out her vision by turning her head from side to side. As she did so, she began saying, “It’s just one picture! Just one picture!” – Bethany, Student

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