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Jaw Pain Disappears, Back/Shoulder Pain Leaves

I received a word of knowledge for back/shoulder pain near the shoulder blade. We were doing street ministry and some interpreters brought us to a woman who had left jaw pain. 

As we were about to pray for her, we asked her if we could put our hand on her shoulder. Just as the interpreters were about to ask her, she said her pain had left. She was healed! We didn’t even get to pray for her but Jesus’ love and healing power healed her.

Later on, I had a person come up to me who had shoulder blade pain. We prayed and it went away. Another person came up to me who also had shoulder pain and that was healed too. One man came up to me and he had been having nerve pain in his right arm through his hand. We prayed several times and pain decreased and he was completely healed – Anonymous

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