Jesus Heals a Broken Heart

A few days before the mission trip to South Africa with Global Awakening, a friend, knowing I was going, texted me a message concerning my trip. This is how the text read, “I just had a vision of you praying over a woman. You’re holding her hands that are out in front of her in a receiving position. As you hold her hands I see years of heart break in her life healed. I sense you are to pray a father’s blessing over her life that will speak volumes. Her countenance will change from oppressed to life and she will have a big smile before you get done praying. Not sure, but I hear the name Carletta.”  I wrote this down in my journal and underlined the name, thinking that if such a name crosses my hearing I’ll know that is my cue to act. I also thought since I had never known or heard anyone with that name, this would be such a God thing if it actually happened.

Seven days into our trip and I was riding with others in the back of a 20 passenger van on our way to do some street ministry. Many of the people in the van were from the local host church who I didn’t know. While driving I heard someone say, “You two are going to go with Carlett.” My ears immediately perked up and I thought, “Did I just hear that name?” Being in the back of the van I couldn’t tell which one they were referring to. Later in the day I told our local team leader about the word that I had received back in Missouri and asked her which one was Carlett. The team leader pointed her out and advised me to wait and see if perhaps any other Carletta might show up.

Three days later during the Sunday morning service ministry time I saw her come to the front toward my right. After praying with a few people, I felt I needed to find her and do as I was told. I found her and told her how a sister in Christ, back in America, had given me a word for one named Carletta and so on. (Corletta, the affectionate name her husband uses for her, when spoken sounds like Carletta to us Americans.) Mentioning that she had a broken heart that Jesus wanted to heal caused her to begin to sob quite deeply and bow over. I took hold of her hands and as I continued speaking the sobbing increased as Jesus was healing a broken heart.

 Mike T, Retail

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