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Justin Allen

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As a Global Awakening associate evangelist, Justin Allen is a regular speaker at our events and is available for traveling ministry. He is a graduate of the Global Awakening School of Supernatural Ministry and has served on our Events staff as well. Before moving to Pennsylvania, Justin and his wife Amanda founded Perpetual Springs Ministries. Husband, father, and lover of the Godhead he ministers with a heavy prophetic edge through teaching, training, and equipping the body of Christ to hear the voice of God and release the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
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Justin Allen ministering

Graduate of Global School of Supernatural Ministry / Intern for Randy Clark / Seasoned prophetic minister

Justin operates with a unique boldness that releases the gift of faith in individuals who seem to feel like a victim of circumstance, as evidenced by Dauntless, the Global Awakening event that he created. There is a great grace on his life to administer revelatory prophetic vision plainly and in a fashion the believer can run with.

Justin's heart is to see the kingdom released in all nations and people restored through pure and powerful prophetic ministry.

Justin ministering at Voice of the Prophets 2018
Justin’s itinerary
Justin is available for speaking engagements. To get in touch, use the request form.