Kenya Trip Report

The supernatural began as soon as we assembled in the Nairobi airport. While waiting in a very long line to have our visas checked one person declared that the line would part and we would move forward quickly. Within a few minutes an official walked up to the barrier separating us from other processing lines, opened it and let us all through and we were processed immediately. Then while waiting in the line for customs we jokingly said we should declare again, immediately an official asked if the ten of us were in the same group; when we said yes, he led us across the room, unlocked a door, and as he opened it he said, “Welcome to Kenya, enjoy your safari.” We should have known then that this was no ordinary trip. 

  By Tuesday morning all 17 of us had arrived at the Crowne Plaza in Nairobi. Those who had come in together from London quickly shared with the rest of the group our testimony of the gates and doors being opened the night before. Our faith was building for the week and our group was being knit together. Most of the group was from the US, with one gentleman from England and another from Kenya. We also had an American couple who were missionaries in Kenya. It was a well balanced and enthusiastic team.

   Our first day centered on orientation, impartation, and adjusting to the time change. We took our first outing to the ICC Nairobi Church; the Assemblies of God Church which was hosting the Healing Conference which William and Chantal Wood and Richie Seltzer were leading. We were introduced to Kenyan hospitality with tea and later lunch. Richie Seltzer preached for the evening meeting. It was an message of exhortation for faith. Following the message the team went forward to give words of knowledge. Prayers for healing began. When the people came forward for prayer the Holy Spirit began to move throughout the room.  There were physical healings, inner healings, and peace descending in the room on those present. Following our first experience as a ministry team we went out to dinner at 9:00, and then fell into bed for much needed sleep. 

   Wednesday morning started at 8:10 with a ride to ICC Nairobi where prayer and worship had begun in preparation for the day.  William Wood presented a message on the Sower and the Seed encouraging all those attending that the kingdom is seeded in you and the only person in the way of your destiny is yourself. Following the first message we broke for tea and then Richie taught on the Five Core Values of Evangelism-Power, Love, Joy, Honor, Presence. After lunch we returned to the hotel to rest. A few of the women in the group convinced one of the van drivers to take them to a nearby market for some shopping and bargaining during the break. They arrived back just in time to head back for an evening of preaching and prayer. God moved powerfully among the women of the church releasing and empowering them for leadership. The church was very conscientious about ending their meetings on time so we headed to dinner at 9:00 and to the hotel by 10:30. We should have appreciated the pace of the first two days because the following days were packed. 

   One of the basics for healing conferences are Words of Knowledge and the Five Step Prayer Model. Each of these was presented by Richie Seltzer and William Wood, preparing the participants to be activated in these tools on Thursday. After the morning sessions we shifted from teaching to doing.  The team split into smaller teams, one staying at ICC Nairobi and the other going to a church in the city center-CBD, Hekima Centre. We participated in Treasure Hunts, creating lists of words of knowledge for people on the streets and teaming up with Kenyans to go find the “treasures”.  It was a great way to spend time talking with the Kenyans learning what was going on in their country and their churches. We learned that the church that had made the initial contact with Global Awakenings had created a strategy to reach the people of Nairobi, Kenya and beyond. They also hoped to influence the country’s government and economy by being people of integrity and honesty. It was evident that they had been interceding for the nation for a long time and were excited to see changes happening. Each team stayed at the churches where they had done Treasure Hunting for the evening service. God moved powerfully at CBD Hekima Centre, once again anointing women for leadership and power. A birthing seemed to be happening. An amazing time was had by all.  

   Alarms went off early Friday morning as many of us tried to fit in time with the Lord and write in our journals to record the experiences. We arrived at ICC Nairobi for praise and worship. Generally, the Kenyans spoke and sang in English with us. This morning they sang songs in both English and Swahili. Friday followed the same format of Thursday with two teaching sessions in the morning taught by William first taught on truth and deception and then Chantal Wood spoke on Growing in the Lord with the Gifts, with tea in between, then lunch and the teams split for the afternoon to do street ministry. ICC Nairobi cancelled their ministry so Team A went back to the hotel while Team B went to Treasure Hunt again in the center of the city with CBD staying for the evening service with Richie. Richie told each team member to notice which Kenyans God highlighted during the service and be prepared to give them a prophetic word.  After the service was completed we each called up five people for a word. At ICC Nairobi God was moving among the team with many of them having powerful encounters; therefore Team B after praying at CBD went over to ICC Nairobi to back up the team. Dinner, as always followed around 9PM. These were great times for debriefing and asking questions. Plus we informally shared testimonies of the day.

    Some of us began to feel that tug of preparing to go home on Saturday realizing this would all end in another day, but since everyday was so full it seemed like two days, the transition still seemed far away.  Saturday was spent at ICC Nairobi with sessions by William and Chantal, and then we traveled to another ICC partnering church in the suburb of Kitengela. We then went to CBD Hekima Centre where Jenimar Rodriguez-Pendleton shared her story and the love of God based on the Prodigal son. And the day ended at ICC Nairobi with Richie teaching, followed by prayer ministry time.

  On our final day as a team we sprinted from church to church and activity to activity. It was amazing all we accomplished. The team splint into 3 groups ministering at ICC Nairobi, in the regular service and to teens, and two churches in Kitengela. The teams were given the opportunity to share words of knowledge and pray for the sick at each church, our final chance before leaving.  Lunch was served in Kitengela with the leaders of the church giving prophetic words to the Woods. To end our time together as a whole team we regrouped at ICC Nairobi for impartation and our first goodbyes as William and Chantal left.  The remainder of the day was spent going to a Giraffe Center and a Safari Walk in Nairobi and then the airport with most of us flying to London before our final goodbyes.

  On Sunday part of Team B went to ICC Kitengela. We arrived during the first service to hear Pastor Winnie teach. As she spoke she began to teach the very topics and ideas that the Team Leaders had taught during the week. It was exciting to see the immediate application of the new information.  It was apparent that the church was ready to receive and apply the new ideas and tools. While in Kenya we were able to acquire new tools and experience with God. We saw a woman healed of a hole in her eye which was leading to blindness; people who hadn’t walked in months stood and walk around the room. Many found freedom from inner pain. We saw worship leaders and women anointed with power. We celebrated to know that the General Leader of Kenya Assembly of God arrived, showing their God inspired strategy was working. We had the opportunity to witness on the streets and see people choose life with Jesus and even show up at church. It was all amazing. Joy was everywhere. But perhaps one of the sweetest things we saw was the love and generosity of the Kenyans and the Team.  We became friends and reached into hearts and lives of the family of God. May we all love well!

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