Global Awakening

Kidney Condition Healed!

I sat beside a woman during the beginning part of the prayer time. Randy was asking people to wave their arms if they were healed or touched. 

The woman beside me was standing up but not waving her arms to even indicate that she felt God doing anything. She looked dejected and sad. All of a sudden I began to feel angry. This was not okay! I reached up and put my hands on the part of her back where she had been placing hers during the prayer. As I looked at my hands, I reminded God of His promise that we would lay hands on the sick and they would recover. My hands were hot, and I could feel tingling with electricity. I commanded her body to be made perfectly whole. (I got a sense that she had kidney problems.) The woman started shaking and crying and showing me her hands. I got an interpreter so I could understand. Apparently, she had a kidney condition and one of the symptoms was icy cold, numb hands. She was showing me her hands and crying because they were growing warm. She kept touching her hands to her face and weeping and laughing. She jumped up and started waving both hands over her head! – Jessica 

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