Knee Cap Deformed Since Birth Receives Surgery From Jesus

A 20-something woman with a deformed knee since birth came for prayer.  She had a 10 pain level all the time because the slightest bending of the deformed knee was impossible without pain.  

I prayed once and asked her what she was feeling. She said the moment I started to pray the knee went totally numb.   I heard Holy Spirit say this wasn’t a healing of an injury or affliction, but this was just not the knee she was to have. So if the Lord had already put it to sleep, just maybe he wanted to do surgery. I just asked the Lord to give her a totally new knee.  In just moments she opened her eyes. I asked her to try to use her knee and she was able to do knee bends for the first time in her life.  Jesus had given her a new knee! She added that she was to have an x-ray in two days at the doctor’s office.
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