Knee Healed After Needing Crutches!

I was taken to a young woman sitting with her crutches on her lap. His face was downcast and she didn’t look up when I approached. I got down on my knees and asked her in English what she wanted prayer for. 

The woman with me translated as I briefly interviewed the young woman. She explained to me that she had pain her knee and could not walk well. She lifted up her pant leg to reveal a large scar. I asked the Lord for healing. I had the translator put her hands on the young woman’s leg. After a short prayer, I asked her if she felt better.  She began to cry and said “No pain.” She stood up on her own accord and began to cry more, rejoicing to the point of holding her crutches and jumping up and down! I rejoiced with her. When we interviewed her further we found out that she had two tumors in the knee area. I then laid my fingertips on the tumors asking for healing. The young woman was thoroughly encouraged and hugged me as we thanked God the good that He had done. – Dillon 
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