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Knees Healed as Pain Goes

I noticed an older couple walking up to the front.  They were walking next to a short woman walking with a cane. It was clear she was looking for healing. The woman with the cane communicated her pain was high and she had pain in both her knees for 5 ½ years. 

I prayed for her right knee and it got 50% better. Later on, I prayed for both her knees and her pain went from a 9 to just 3. She said that she was feeling energy and heat in her body. I then prayed again and bond up trauma to the knees. She flexed her knee and had no pain! Then she began walking without her cane and had no pain!

I prayed for a woman who had a sore foot. In two prayers, her pain went from a 6 down to a 0.

Bonnie, GSSM

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