Knees Relieved of Pain

The fourth person I saw healed tonight was a lady who stopped me as I was walking down the aisle. She was having issues with her knee. It had been very painful for the last 3 months, and she could not bend it. We prayed once, and she said that the pain was totally gone. 

A young lady who appeared to be in her mid-30’s came to me next, and through the interpreter she told me that she has had a degenerative disease in her knees. She doesn’t know when it began, but the last few years it has gotten worse. At this point it was so bad, she could not sit down or stand up from a chair without help and extreme pain. We prayed three times, and the pain left a little more each time we prayed until the third time. At the end of this third prayer, she reaches her hands out in front of her and did a full squat. She hasn’t been able to do that without pain in over 2 years. She said that there was a slight tightness in her knees, but she believed God would continue the work He began, and she would be healed to the uttermost. She hugged me, and her husband came and shook my hand. 

Brandon, Pastor

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