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Left Achilles Word of Knowledge

Two people came for prayer for a specific word of knowledge, which was left Achilles tendon injury and pain.  A gentleman around 30-40 years came up for left ankle discomfort, which he’d had for several months. He found it difficult to tip toe, indicating possible strain injury. I felt the tendon and it seemed intact, but the man had pain on extension of the ankle and tip toeing.  There was no trauma incident, he could recall. We invited Holy Spirit to come. We commanded healing of the Achilles tendon and restoration, no swelling, any inflamed fibers gone, any strain of the Achilles tendon gone, gastrocnemius muscle restored, calcification in the tendon gone and any marrow edema of the calcaneus gone in Jesus’s Name. We got him to stand on tip toe.  Then jump up. He said he was 100% better. Thank you, Jesus! We told him to remember that Jesus had healed him and keep praising Jesus. Another gentleman in his 50’s came. He’d had left Achilles tendon surgery two months ago. His leg was still swollen, and he had some discomfort. He had yet to regain full range of motion and flexibility of the ankle.  He could not fully bear weight on the left ankle. We invited Holy Spirit, and commanded the Achilles tendon to be normal, no more scar tissue, complete restoration of the tendon sheath, the gastrocnemius muscle and tendon insertion to calcaneum in Jesus’s Name.  We commanded a spirit of pain to leave in Jesus Name and declared no swelling. He said he was 80% better.  He could stand on his left foot and tip toe, but not completely. We prayed two more times and he went from 90% to 100% better. The swelling was still present, but he felt no pain and was full of joy. Thank you, Jesus. – Ai Lee, Doctor

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