Left Ankle Pain From Moped Accident Healed!

A teenager came forward for prayer for her left ankle that was injured in a moped accident earlier in the year. Her friend was driving and she was on the back. She was not upset with her friend and forgave her immediately. She was able to walk on her ankle, but she really wanted healing as it was preventing her from dancing, which was her passion. She showed me that she couldn’t bend her knees down to her ankles without pain. My interpreter and I prayed for her, laying hand on her ankle. As we prayed she started to tremor ever so slightly. I asked her what was happening and she said she could feel the power of God.

We commanded the pain to go and her tendons, ligaments and muscles to be restored. She tested it out but there was no change so we prayed again. After testing a second time it had improved and was 20% better. We thanked God and continued to pray. Holy Spirit lead me to pray for her gift of dancing, that it would be returned and any power of the enemy to stop her dancing would be broken in the Name of Jesus. She tried it out again and it was 80% better. I asked her if she could still feel the Presence of God and if she wanted to pray for full healing. She did. I prayed one last time before the meeting ended, just a quick short prayer, “Thank you God for her healing. We ask for “more” one more time!” Without me prompting she got on the floor to test it again and was able to lean back fully on it with no pain. She got up and jumped around thanking God and told her friend she was completely healed. – Anna

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