Left Legs Restored

I had a word of knowledge right when I arrived in my hotel room and felt pain in my left leg between my knee and ankle. Later in the evening, two young girls came up to receive prayer for an injury in the left leg in the same area. I prayed for the first one.

She was very surprised when she realized she had no pain at all. She felt very light like she would fall over. She was completely healed. I prayed for the second girl who said she had fallen down a flight of stairs two years ago and her leg wasn’t healing but getting worse. She was going to have surgery. She said she could move not her leg well or barely move her ankle. She felt heat all over and below her knee right when I started to pray. She said she was completely healed.

Rodney told me later that he gave a word of knowledge that someone had fallen down the stairs, but no one stood up. Then he realized she was already standing because of my word.

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