Live Webcast


Evenings broadcast for free at Daytime sessions are available to purchasers of a Global On Demand subscription or an event's First Access Package.


How to Watch



  • Watch all events live.
  • New event recordings added 90 days after airing.
  • Access full library: past events, behind the scenes interviews, Q&A sessions, the Revival Vault, etc.
  • Two-week free trial, $8.99/month or $90/year.

VOA 2018 FAP


First Access Package

  • Watch one event live.
  • Recordings added right away after airing.
  • Includes one event (not full library). Recordings do not expire.
  • $29.95 single purchase.





Who can watch live? Current subscribers and new subscribers can watch every event live. Those who purchase a First Access Package may watch that event live.

Where do I go to watch live? Go to and click LIVE in the top menu. Note: evenings stream for free to the public at

Who can watch the on-demand recordings? Current subscribers and new subscribers can watch every event's on-demand recordings 90 days after they air. Those who purchase a First Access Package can watch that event's recordings the instant they are processed, often within hours of airing. Videos do not expire.

I purchased a First Access Package. Where do I go to find the on-demand recordings? Go to and click PACKAGES in the top menu. Look for your event and click it. Scroll down the page to see your videos.

Who can watch videos from other conferences? Only subscribers to a monthly or yearly plan can watch items from the library.

What else is in the subscription library? In addition to conferences, you'll find behind the scenes interviews with speakers and leaders, select sessions from Randy's Global School of Supernatural Ministry, Q & A sessions with apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders, teachings on demonic deliverance, the prophetic, and other topics, the Revival Vault: a growing collection of transferred VHS tapes from the earliest days of the Toronto Blessing and beyond.

I'm already a subscriber, but want to watch an upcoming conference's videos right away. Do I have to wait 90 days to watch them? This is why we offer First Access Packages in addition to the subscription library. You get everything live if you're a subscriber, but if you see an event coming up that you'll want to re-watch right away, you can purchase that event's First Access Package à la carte. Much like if you subscribe to Netflix, and decide you also want to rent or buy a movie instead of waiting for it to come to Netflix. Every conference we broadcast will be added to the subscription library, but if you don't want to wait 90 days, you can buy it right away using its First Access Package.