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Extreme Nearsighted Vision Healed

A girl named Gisellia came forward. She had vision problems in both eyes and needed glasses to see more than shadows. Even then she was never able to see details such as people’s faces. 

We prayed once and she said she was 15% healed but also said she felt the presence of God coming from her head all through her body. We prayed again with no change. Then we prayed a third time. I opened my eyes and suddenly felt overwhelming love and compassion for her. Then my hands got really hot and my head started hurting at the temples. I placed my hands on her temples and prayed. Then I placed my left hand on her occipital region of her head (where the brain’s vision center is located) and my right hand over her eyes. Then I looked at her closed eyes and just believed she would be healed, but I did not have enough faith to tell her that. I placed both of my hands on her eyes and prayed for a little bit longer. I removed my hands and asked her to open her eyes and tell me if it was any better. She opened them and looked around with a look of wonder on her face. Then she said through the interpreter, “I can see faces!” We hugged and praised God and prayed blessings on her. When Eddie interviewed her later, I learned that it was extreme near-sightedness with a significant astigmatism. Everything was fuzzy and had been this way since birth.

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