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Love Dayton Testimonies & Recap

Love Dayton was an extraordinary event. As the first of its kind, it was a learning process for everyone involved, and as you’ll see below, it was a resounding success. Our thanks go out to the army of volunteers and contributors from both inside and outside the Dayton area that joined us in putting on this historic campaign. Enjoy reading and seeing what God did through you in the page below…


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  • 2,000 free meals given away
  • 15 families in impoverished neighborhoods received new beds
  • 375 pairs of shoes given to needy children
  • 1,500 bread items distributed
  • 50 box fans distributed
  • Care packages distributed to homeless communities
  • Estimated salvations: 200–300
  • Assisted Read-On book distibution
  • Homefull micro farm for homeless to receive fresh vegetables
  • Beautification & repair of Catholic Charities, St. Peters Missionary Baptist church, Linden Ave Baptist Church, Dayton Historical District, and many residential areas around Dayton


Written Testimonies


Love Dayton was the experience of a lifetime. Not only did God heal countless people through our hands but we learned so much and are forever changed. We gained faith and new perspective on what God wants to do in America. We can't wait to usher in more of Him to everyone around us.


Love Dayton had a divine appointment with me. Weeks prior to my volunteering for Love Dayton I had prayed to God for help with some personal issues. I was on my way to my godmother’s house when I saw the Love Dayton van in a parking lot next to my godmother's house. I ran to get pictures of them but as I approached the van 3 mission field workers jumped out and begin to give me words of knowledge concerning what I had been praying about.


I went to pray for others, however, I was the one healed. My prayer companions were not busy at the time so they prayed over me! I had suffered from sleeplessness and trauma. After spending time with Dr. Mike and Laura, I no longer have to use melatonin and I no longer suffer from sleeplessness! To God be the Glory. In addition, my prayer partner wrote down notes during my deliverance session and made a copy of them for me. I find more and more healing every time I read over the deliverance session and claim God's promises for my healing, destiny and joy.


On Thursday : 1) I prayed for one lady which her back was bothering her. After I prayed for her, she said her back was better. 2) My team mate and I prayed for a twenty something year old man. He had an injury in his left knee which prevented him from playing college baseball. His pain level before the prayer was 10.5, 10 being the highest amount of pain. After the prayer, pain level was at 1. 3) My teammate and I prayed for another man. His back was bothering him. After the prayer, his back was good. 4) Salvation on Thursday: I talked with this one lady for about 15 to 20 minutes. She was sharing with me some struggles she has. One struggle is her trying to get off Heroin. She has an addiction to Heroin. She informed me that she asked God last night to send her some help. I mentioned to her; “Do you see that this is your answer" and she agreed. She has not been attending a church. She mentioned how she was water baptized at one time. I explained to her how God wants a personal relationship with you and what that means. I explained to her about salvation. She said the salvation prayer with me. I also spoke some truth into her life and encouraged her to come to the Friday and Saturday meetings. Also, I invited her and her children to come to the block party. She said she wanted to come. I got her contact information. I texted her the next day asking if she would be coming to the events. This is her response to my text on Friday: “Yes I will be there tomorrow. I honestly believe that you are an angel sent to me from God. YOU are my sign. I'm still kind of blown away of how it all happened. I feel blessed to have met you and looking forward to tomorrow." She did not come up God touched her! Friday: 1) I was with one of my team members. We were invited into this man’s house after asking if he would want us to pray him because he needed healing. Prior to the invite we gave him some bread and had some conversation with him. Inside his house he shared with us what he has been going through. He started turning to the Lord in February. I prayed for his left knee which was injured years ago and Neuropathy (nerve damage) caused by his diabetes in his legs and feet. He has been on disability since 2009. He stood up. He was bending his left knee/leg. He said, no way....this is weird I could not do this before. He was healed! I then prayed for his diabetes. We invited him and his family to come to the meetings and the block party. He said he plans on coming. I never saw him, but he could have come. 2) My teammate and I were talking with this man. The Lord told me his back needed healing. I asked him if he was in any pain anywhere. He said his back. We prayed for his back with his permission and he was healed. Saturday block party I had the opportunity to talk and pray with people. Saturday night at the healing meeting I had a word of knowledge which I shared on stage. Someone had an issue in the middle of their neck and it was caused by nerve damage. When I got off stage and a lady came forward for prayer. She had that issue. I prayed for her and the pain was gone. Praise God for all He did at Love Dayton! People were really touched by God’s love! Thank you all Global Staff for your service! Well done! Blessings, Sharon.


It was our last house stop before catching our bus back for lunch. We knocked on the door of an elderly couple by the name of Bill, 87 years old, and Sarah, his wife who is 84 years old, to give them an invitation to the block party. Sarah came to the door very confused because she recently came from the supermarket and both of her legs were tangled with the supermarket shopping bags. She could not seem to get the bags off her feet. She was also deaf so we had to speak very loudly in order for her to hear us. My sister and I began to pray for her hearing, her mental confusion, and pain in both knees from a fall. She immediately commenced to hear and the mental confusion was gone; the pain in her knees also was gone. We ask for her husband and she called him for prayer. We introduced him to a pastor who was travelling with us, and he prayed for him. We left the couple home with joy knowing that Jesus has completely taken care of them. It was worth "Stopping for the Last One." Thank you Jesus; it was worth my trip to Dayton just for that couple.


Thursday morning at a bus stop on Main Street I asked a woman if there was anything she needed prayer for. She said yes. She was in an auto accident in December and her legs were badly injured. She lives in constant pain. Her doctor told her she would always have pain. Even while taking ten pain killers a day it had been extremely painful just to walk to the bus stop. After I prayed, I asked her if she felt change in the pain. She took a few steps, looked at me and said the pain was gone. The moment passed; I wish I had been able to follow up to ensure she had received Jesus, but she knew the healing came through prayer in Jesus’ name! That day or the next, a man said he had limited movement in his right knee. I asked if I could put my hand on his knee while I prayed. After praying I asked if anything was different. He said his knee felt very hot while I was praying. He then tested it and thought there was more movement than before. After praying a second time, he reported feeling intense heat again, this time he had near full movement afterward! My partner and I ended up at a Marathon station on Main for most of Thursday and all day Friday. After cleaning trash around the lot, we realized that we could talk to a great number of people right there. I went inside, showed the flier and told the manager what we would be doing and he gave permission. We witnessed a drug transaction, a teen gang fistfight and had a man who heard we were there because of Jesus decide to help us by loudly calling out to all in a derisive tone that we were telling people about Jesus. We also gave out in excess of 300 fliers there (each one represents at least a brief conversation and an offer of prayer). On Friday alone I think I prayed for 100 people, more or less. People experienced the presence of God through prayer and many reacted to it with surprise and amazement and thanks. On Friday we learned that the Jordanians who operated the Marathon station were Muslims. I again asked permission when we returned on Friday which was granted. They had a flier posted inside the store! A couple men were there when we got there doing voter registration. A few minutes after our arrival, the station manager came out and asked them to leave! The 10-year-old grandson of one of the men, who had observed us on Thursday, came out excitedly on Friday and asked if he could help us! All morning he ran up to cars, handed them a flier and with great drama invited them to the block party and prayer and healing meetings. He tired in the afternoon and instead shadowed me. It was from him I learned that they were Muslims. We had numerous conversations about Jesus, Mohammed, the Quran and life with God. He welcomed my offer to pray with him at the end of the afternoon. While there I also had the opportunity to speak with his father and grandfather. I think that family of Muslims experienced and learned of the love of Christians and Jesus for them that day!


When we were walking the neighborhoods, we came to a man who was working on his yard. We learned he had lost his faith somewhat over the years with the hardships and an alcoholic wife and then the loss of a granddaughter the year before. He has 17 people living in his small home - grown children and their children. We prayed with him and the Holy Spirit moved on him powerfully, with tears and a restoration of his faith. We left him knowing that God is still here, and still loves him.


I was blessed to see several saved and healed during Community Outreach, but one healing in particular was notable because I've never personally had Holy Spirit work through me in this way:
I was on community outreach when my partner and I knocked on a door and met an older gentleman who, when we asked how we could pray for him, requested prayer for his wife who was still in bed. We prayed for her at the doorstep, then asked the man again how we could pray for him. Several times he refused prayer for himself, but my partner lovingly insisted that he tell us a need. Finally he told us that he has painful arthritis in his toes and that he's unable to bend them, but he again refused to allow us to pray for him.
Just then what I think was a gift of faith came over me, and I just told the man that his arthritis was gone. I told him to bend his toes and try to find the pain, and assured him there would be none. He pulled his foot out of his slipper and began to bend his toes. I asked him if there was any pain and he began to cry as he confirmed there was no longer pain in his foot. I got to share with him that Jesus loves him so much that he healed him without anyone even praying!


Our team of 24 came from Wilmington, NC, and I had the privilege of training 72 other Global Awakening team members in deliverance. We were able to see 112 deliverances at the two nightly meetings and 6 salvations, in our breakout room.
One of our team members — this was her first Global trip — said it was life changing when she came face to face with the darkness in a freedom session and saw Jesus free a person from demonic torment. The door to door street ministry was so profound as many we met said God brought us to them that day. One said if God did not send someone they were going to end their life, and then the doorbell rang with a team member there bringing hope in Christ. Randy's vision changed so many. Thank you Global Awakening and thank you Lord!


We truly witnessed the goodness of God in Dayton! Time after time I heard people say, ”I was praying that God would show up when you knocked on my door" and "I was actually thinking of just ending it all and had cried out to God just one more time and suddenly God showed up in people wearing bright orange shirts!" It was exhilarating and heartbreaking all at the same time. We watched as a simple embrace broke years of bondage and pain. One lady came in for deliverance from heroin addiction. As I laid hands on her she began to speak in tongues and proclaim, "Oh this feels so good! It's cooling my whole body!" She wept as she explained how the drugs made her feel like she was constantly on fire and this was the first time she had relief from that in years. God is so good! I was privileged to counsel a young woman who has survived extreme childhood sexual abuse. After three hours of inner healing ministry, she walked away so changed that it was visible on her countenance! There were heartbreaks too. One that sticks out to me was meeting a young prostitute during the street evangelism. She had blood droplets on her shirt, reeked of alcohol and weed, and she was just sitting on the ground crying. I walked up and sat down beside her and she just fell over in my arms. As I held her, cried with her, and prayed for her, I could hear the voice of a man yelling obscenities and demanding that she get back to work...that's when I realized it was her pimp on the phone throughout the whole interaction. I asked her if she wanted help, but she turned me down. I walked away completely wrecked by her need for the love of Jesus! Nevertheless, even in that exchange, the goodness of God abounded! It is His goodness that brings men to repentance, and that is certainly what it did for me. I am forever changed and look forward to the chance to serve with you guys again!


Photos of Service Projects & Block Party