Love of Father Draws Two Drunk Men to Him

Whilst out on bush-bush we went from house to house in a group of about 8 to 10 with one interpreter. The village was extremely poor and had a water pump for only a short time. Whilst walking from hut to hut we came across a group of men who appeared to be drunk.

The men in the Global group introduced themselves and started telling the group as best they could about Jesus. The village men seemed very open but because they were drunk we were unsure if their ‘joy’ was as a result of the message. One of the Iris students who was with us felt God told her to tell the men on our teams to give these men a hug as a demonstration of the Father’s heart. John and Gio did this and it was beautiful to watch. The men just allowed themselves to be held. Their faces seemed to relax and their arms fell limp. After a minute or perhaps less the two men being hugged began to cry and hugged the team members back. This time their faces really did look joyful. One of the two men gave his life and the other said he would go to the outreach meeting that evening. It was so wonderful to see the love of the Father penetrate these men. I am uncertain if the second man gave his life or not but on a second trip to the same village the following week he was seen helping with the building of the new church. I have confidence he’s the Lord’s. Praise Jesus! – Kelley
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