Lump in Armpit Disappears

I had a word of knowledge about a lump on right arm so I was waiting for people to come for prayer for it. The first person was a young lady who had cancer in armpit. She came with plaster on her right arm pit; I had a word of knowledge the previous day about something wrong with someone’s armpit, which I did not get to share. I told her God showed me about an armpit yesterday and that I believed Jesus wanted to heal her.

I asked (through the Interpreter), if the lump disappeared would she know. She nodded, so I started praying and could sense the Lord doing something. I asked Interpreter to ask what was happening. She said she could feel pain leaving. I asked about the lump. She checked and said it’s still there a bit. So I prayed again for the lump to go in the name of Jesus completely and cursed it and then she went down in the Spirit. Later on I got the Interpreter to ask her how the lump was, she checked it and she said it was 100% gone. Praise Jesus– Raj
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