Lump in Breast Disappeared; Bad Back and Dry Eyes Healed

One evening at a church in Londrina we were asked to give words of knowledge. I gave a word about lumps in the right breast. Two women responded with tumor in their right breast. I prayed for each of them only once and after each prayer they checked the breast and no lumps were found. On that same night a lady came forward with dry eyes and a bad back, pain. 

I prayed for the eyes first and when she opened them a film of tears formed over her eyes. We then prayed for her back and the pain was gone and she could bend again. Her eyes now filled with tears ran down her cheek as she rejoiced over both hearings. The young man who was translating for me said he would like to pray for people and see them healed, so I prayed and imparted to him and from that point on he prayed for people too! Hallelujah. – Liz

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