Lump on a Breast Shrinks and Disappears

I was praying alongside my translator for the night, Thayze. We’d seen some back pain and such healed, but when a woman came up with breast pain and a lump (non-cancerous but large and painful) under her arm I felt like I was working beyond my faith or experience. I knew Jesus was there to heal, so we prayed for the pain first and it went away instantly. She was happy, but I wanted the lump to go. We prayed again, but little or no change in the lump. It was large enough that I could feel it while praying. After a few times, we noticed the lump getting smaller. I then got Thayze involved in praying and we noticed it getting even smaller! It was probably 6 or 7 (at least) times praying and the lump was so small and soft it was nothing like before. The woman was excited that she could finally put her arm down without pain! There were tears and much thanking Jesus. We believed for God to finish the work that He started. The other exciting part was that Thayze told me later that she feels like “doubting Thomas” much of the time and her faith is small. She was so impacted by participating in ministry and the love shown by the team. I was able to encourage her to pray for people and seek God—it’s all about Jesus anyway!


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