Lyme Disease & Raynaud’s Syndrome Healed

I had a word of knowledge that God was going to heal three people from Lyme disease. Since I had already prayed for one at the airport and one yesterday I thought that meant he would heal one more. But he brought three more in one service today. 

One woman came forward who had contracted Lyme disease 10 years ago. She had pain and digestive issues, which I had also called out as part of the word of knowledge. I commanded the Lyme disease, swelling, pain and inflammation in the gut and the brain fog to go in Jesus name. I blessed her with the abundance life of the blood of Jesus. The pain in the body left all except for her knees and ankles. I knelt and cursed the Lyme and blessed the knees and commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave. I prayed for inner healing of the heart for being sick for 10 years as she waited for today’s healings. I knew from Holy Spirit that she had Raynaud’s syndrome which manifested in her due to a cold relationship with her father. I prayed for a restoration of that relationship and lead her in a prayer of forgiveness and repentance. I blessed her and described the oil of grace that Holy Spirit was placing in her heart, replacing the emotional pain, disappointment and heart break with peace and love. She left with healing in her mind, body and emotions. The amazing thing is that all three women had these same conditions; heartbreak and broken relationships were healed for two of them. – Teresa, Musician

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