Lymphedema and Arthritis Healing

A lady named Lyn had congenital lymphedema in both legs for over 20 years. The result was water retention, pain, swelling, and discomfort. She could not stand for more than 1 minute nor walk without help. A group of 4 team members released healing. Almost at once, we could see a marked reduction in the leg swelling. Wrinkles started to appear on her legs because of the loose skin. Where once there was no form, shape started to take place and you could see the knees appearing!! Thank you Jesus! Over the day, various team members would continue to release healing. By mid-afternoon, she had a significant increase of flexibility in her ankles and much better mobility, resulting in her ability to walk unaided and stand. The leg swelling reduced by 80%. Healing was also released for arthritis, which had been in both hands and fingers for over 13 years. The left hand was completely healed, right hand 80% healed. The neuropathy in left hand improved by 60%. -Mandy C, Receptionist

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