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Macular Degeneration & Hearing Healed

I prayed for an older lady with vision and hearing problems.  Her left eye had 10 percent vision and the other eye had 30 percent vision. She had macular degeneration in both eyes. 

I prayed for her about four times and nothing happened. I prayed again and she said she could see clearly, but her grandson showed her small text which she could not see. I continued to pray even though she was content with the improvement in her eyesight. I persisted. I wanted a 100 percent healing.  I prayed consistently commanding the eyes to open up until she could see perfectly and read the small text. When I inquired about her ears, she said they were already healed as she had heat on her ears. I clapped my hands and she could hear perfectly. Thank you, Jesus! I prayed about 10 more times before she was totally healed. 

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