Man Gets Saved on Bank Steps!

While waiting for a team member outside a bank in Georgetown, I saw a man come up the steps with a severe limp. His left knee could barely bend. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. He told me his name. 

He could not remember how he had injured the left knee and had no diagnosis. I placed a hand on his forehead and the other on the knee and asked Father God to send His mighty Holy Spirit to remove the spirit of pain that he said he had been having for years. I also prayed against the spirit of arthritis in Jesus’ name. He said the pain was a little less after two prayers. I asked him if he had accepted Christ fully into his life. He said that he occasionally attends church but had not accepted Jesus fully into his life. Then, I asked if he would like to do so now and he said, “Yes”. He asked Jesus into his life in a beautiful prayer with our team members as witnesses.

Again, I prayed for his knee to be completely healed in Jesus name. The pain only slightly diminished. Then, I noticed that his left calf was very tight and I offered to pray for the muscles to relax. He said, “Yes”. As soon as I placed my hand upon his calf the all muscles relaxed without any prayer spoken. He then tested his knee and leg. By that time, I had prayed a total of four times and had included strengthening the ankle and from the hip to the foot. Even, though his pain level and function had only slightly improved. However, he had asked Jesus Christ into his life to live and work through him. We invited him to the conference where he could receive more healing prayer. He was very interested. – Stephanie, Home Maker, Prayer Leader

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