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Re-dedication and Visitation from the Holy Spirit

We then got to pray for Ray. I sat down by Ray. I asked him how it was going and he said it wasn’t not too bad. I told him that God is here to do something in his life and asked what he would like God to do. He said he had trouble with drugs. I asked him if he wanted to be delivered of that and he said yes. He said that he started when he was five years old. He said his mom and dad did not have any addiction issues and that he was never married but had been with several women. We broke off soul ties from these women. He said that he had given his life to Jesus a long time ago and with tears in his eyes said he could remember scripture.

Ray re-dedicated his life to Jesus and I asked him if he had ever been baptized with Holy Spirit. He said that he hadn’t but wanted to. I talked to him about the gift of tongues and how that can help him pray and he said he wanted that. Me and Carol prayed and he began to pray in tongues. Holy Spirit came on him. You could see that things were happening in him. Then I prophesied to him that in two years he would be coming back to pull other people out of addiction but only to do this 2×2. He said he had a Bible at home that he had access to. We blessed him and headed back to meet with the team.

Chuck, Aerial Applicator

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