Man’s Eyesight Restored

A blind man came into the service with his adult son leading him in to his seat. He wore sunglasses to protect his eyes.  He had very bad cataracts in both eyes. 

He could not even see his son’s face five inches away from him. I laid hands on him and soaked him in prayer throughout the service. Later I asked if I could lay hands on his eyes.  He gave me permission so I prayed for him. He took his glasses off to receive. His eyes were twitching and watering profusely. He said he had no more pain in his right eye and started to be able to see out of that eye. He still had pain in the left eye so we continued to pray. Finally the pain left that eye and he could start to see out of both eyes. He was looking at the lights and the screen and said it looked like sunshine to him. He was so happy. His son was ecstatic! He received 80% healing vision in both his eyes.

He went on stage to testify of the miracle. Ed Rocha interviewed and prayed for him again cutting things off and he received 100% clear vision. This was truly a miracle and the first blind (legally blind) eyes I’ve seen healed. I was so happy for the man and to see the joy on his son’s face. It was such a victory for God. I praise the Lord for allowing me to be used. To God be the Glory!

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