Man Gets Free from Pain

In Namanhumbir, after joyful dancing with passion in the evening, my wife and I went to the side to rest. A man came up to me and he pointed to his left knee and hip. I understand he wants prayer. We ask a team member next to us to translate. We ask for details. The man told us he had pain in the left side. I prayed for healing, we commanded the pain to leave, I prayed for strengthening the muscles, for the right standing of the hip, for the same length of the feet, and for full freedom of movement.

My wife and the team member prayed also. During the prayer, I felt a tingling in his muscles. We ask him, “how is it?” He said, “It is hot.” We prayed again. He said that it was significantly better, and that was it. But I asked to pray again, and he said ok. After the third prayer, he was surprised that he had no pain, and he looked happy and free. We told him that Jesus has healed him and invited him to give his life to Jesus during the evening event. He was happy and went into the crowd. 


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