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Man’s Leg Grows

I prayed with Kathleen for a young man called Leandro. He had had a motorcycle accident in which he severely damaged his knee and shin. It happened 2 ½ years ago. He had surgery, and they had to put metal in his leg. It wasn’t properly done, so there was still inflammation in his knee, and he was due to have another operation. Also he had a shorter leg because of the unsuccessful operation; it caused him pain too. We got to sit him down and saw that the damaged leg was 2 cm shorted than the other. We commanded the leg to grow, and we saw it grow out to the same length. He was very moved and gave us a hug. We had to stop praying because we had to leave, but we asked him to come back in the evening. When he came, he confirmed that he had no pain. He still had limited movement in the foot, though, and it was still swollen. We commanded full healing but didn’t see any more improvement there. However, he was extremely thankful for how God touched him. The experience also gave me confidence that we have authority to command a leg in the name of Jesus.     – Matthias, Electrical Engineer

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