Man with Crippled Foot since Age 6 Has Leg Grow Out & Foot Healed


I had a word of knowledge for a man called Joseph or Jorge with a crippled left foot which he had since he was 6 years old. We couldn’t see anyone putting his hands up during the service. 


While we prayed for people a man came forward to me and said it’s him. He has had a crippled foot since 6 years and was in pain. I sat him down took both of his feet in my hands and saw that his right leg was shorter than the left. I showed him and asked if I can pray for that leg to grow too as I’ve never seen a leg grow before when I prayed. I prayed, commanded the leg to grow and it did. (I didn’t see it coming out but all of a sudden it was same length.) I asked him to stand up, pain was completely gone. I then wanted to pray for his crippled foot. He said no it was already healed during my first prayer for his other leg! His foot was pain free and normal. – Esther

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