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Man with Herniated Discs & Stomach Pain & His Wife Touched by Holy Spirit

I prayed for an older man who came with his wife. He was touched by the Holy Spirit and was laughing very hard. When I laid my hands on him again, he was smashed to the ground and started shaking. 

His wife was also touched and was shaking. Later that night he and his wife came for prayer. He explained that he had two herniated discs in his lower back and had a problem with his stomach caused by the medication he had to take for his back.

I asked the Holy Spirit to touch his back and commanded the discs and the column to be healed in Jesus’ name. Fire came into his back and he was touched again by the Spirit of God. I believe God healed him at that very moment. I also prayed for the man’s stomach to be healed from the side effects caused by the pain killer. He could move freely after prayer. Every time I laid my hand on him the Holy Spirit went right through him with a power surge. The touch was so strong that he did not wanted me to come even close to him again because of the pain he experienced during the power surge. So, I stopped and blessed him. – Daniel

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