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Man With Multiple Sclerosis & Deafness Totally Healed!

In Anapolis, Brazil, three of us prayed for a man in a wheelchair. He had multiple sclerosis. As we prayed, Holy Spirit came upon him and he started getting feeling in his forearms and hands which he had not had before.

We continued commanding the muscles, nerves, and myelin sheaths to function properly and then we helped the man stand. He walked around with assistance and then walked a little on his own. He had walked a little once before, but this night he walked around continually. When he went home he pushed his wheelchair out the building.

Earlier during the meeting I felt my left ear pop open. I believed it was a word of knowledge. It turned out that this same man was totally deaf in his left ear. We commanded his ear to open, took authority over a spirit of deafness. His ear opened and he could hear perfectly!! Praise Jesus.

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