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Man with Pain in Joints of Hands, Knees & Shoulder Experiences Healing!

I had a word of knowledge for the joints in the hands. A man came up with the same condition I called. He also had pain in his knees due very little cartilage and pain that traveled up his right shoulder into his neck. For 35 plus years this gentleman had been an artist and craftsman. This was what caused the joint pain in his thumbs. 

I prayed for his joints and they were healed after praying a handful of times! Each time they were getting better. In the interview process I found out that stress was a really big deal in his family. I asked when it all started and found it was after he divorced his wife years ago. I asked him if he wanted to forgive his ex-wife and bless her. He said yes! Once he forgave and blessed his ex-wife, the peace of God filled his heart and mind. We also prayed that the stress would be broken off his family as well. We then prayed for his knees (where there was very little cartilage). The pain was a 5 on a pain scale of 1 to 10. After praying just a few times the pain was at a 1! Then we went after his shoulder pain. We prayed simply for this pain and it completely left!

I got to pray for this man and his wife a few more times that week. – Janell

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