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Man with Parkinson’s Healed!

A man came to us and asked us to pray for him. He said he had Parkinson’s disease. He also said he was about to get surgery to put a stimulant in his arm muscles so his brain could function properly.

 I prayed healing, for the disease to leave, muscles to relax and be restored, for the nerves to be healed and come in line, asked the Holy Spirit to come and for pain to leave. Then he started to do bicep curls and hug himself. He said there was still pain so I prayed again with a similar prayer and he tested himself out again and said there was less pain. I prayed one more time and asked Holy Spirit to complete it. Then he tested his arms again, and put them out straight in front of him and they were still. He said they would normally shake. Then he hugged himself and said his shoulders would also shake. Then I asked him to do pushups, which my reasoning was to put pressure and tension on his arms to test it out. He said no. Then I again told him to do pushups. He slowly got down, got in position and began to do pushups. He did three to five. Then he got up and there was a huge smile on his face. I asked him how long he had this problem and he said for six months. So I said God bless him and I hugged him. He walked away with a smile on his face.

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