Global Awakening

600 Sovereignly Healed

Over 600 sovereignly healed. Lady with pain in both shoulders, level 9/10 for four years, unable to raise arms above shoulders. I laid hands on her shoulders and she fell out in the Spirit immediately. Young man about 25 complaining of no hearing in right ear. Completely healed with prayer. Lady approximately 35 with no vision in left eye since birth. Gained 30% of normal vision with prayer. 

Lady approximately 19 complaining of cough for 4 months, felt heat in chest and felt she was healed. Lady approximately 20 with lactose intolerance since birth powerfully touched by God, felt heat in stomach, 20 year old man requested to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Slain in the Spirit, shook, spoke in tongues. 20 year old woman requested to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Spoke in tongues, cried, shook. 22 year old female with mid back pain level “10” completely healed with prayer. 17 year old with severe pain when walking for 4 weeks after falling off a roof. Completely healed. – Jon

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