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Many Hearts are Healed

In the city of Marilia, I asked Apostle Steve Wilson to pray for me to have breakthrough in healing prayers and he invited me to partner with him during the ministry time. I got a word of knowledge about a heart issue, and his word of knowledge was shoulder pain. A few people came to him to receive healing for shoulders. He demonstrated how to apply five steps to pray for healing, and how to invite Holy Spirit to come to minister. I prayed for the next person and it surprised me, after I prayed, the person got healed instantly. Three more people I prayed for one by one and they all got healed. Glory to God. Three more people came to me with heart issues, and Apostle Steve Wilson taught me how to speak to the heart to receive healing and ask God for a creative miracle. With rising faith from previous healings, I prayed for the people for healing in their hearts. The Holy Spirit touched two of them and they fell with joy. One young man had a problem with a valve dysfunction. I asked God to create a new valve for him. By faith he received new valve. I felt so blessed to be used by God to bless others. I come from a church that does not believe in healing, but I knew God has His plan. He brought me to Brazil and let me experience His healing power. I am praying God will go with me and bring healing to my church and let His name be glorified there. –Jinfen

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