Mary’s Back and Intestinal Infection

Mary, 60, asked me to pray for the chronic pain in her back and for an intestinal infection which was not responding to treatment. First, I commanded the back pain to leave in Jesus’ name. The pain had diminished by 50%, so I prayed again and the back pain left her. 

Next, I asked Mary to show me where she had belly pain and asked if I could place my hand there. She agreed, but told me that she was not feeling pain at this time since she had taken medication. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would remove the infection and any inflammation and that it must go in Jesus’ name. I felt something move beneath my hand and asked Mary if she felt anything. She said that she felt heat, so I prayed for more heat, for more freedom and for the infection to leave in Jesus’ name. Mary said that she felt more heat and much peace. It was clear that Mary’s back pain was gone but unclear whether the intestinal infection was healed. I told Mary to check with her doctor to see if she had received healing from the intestinal infection. – Stephanie, Homemaker/ Prayer leader

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