Migraines Healed

At Pier 49 church I prayed for a young woman who spoke pretty good English. She suffered from migraines. I put my hand on her forehead.

She felt heat and the headache went away! Then we prayed for Jesus to heal her from stress. We talked about her forgiving herself from feelings of self-judgment and condemnation for not finding enough time for God in her day. She felt more peace and her burdens lightened when she gave it all to Jesus. She then helped me by acting as an interpreter for the next girl.

I also prayed for another young woman and God sent an interpreter to us and she asked for healing of endometriosis and barrenness. We discovered her mother had cursed her. We removed that curse and the spirit of rejection, etc. and then prayed for the physical healing. Praise Jesus! – Laurie, Artist

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