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Leif Hetland

leif hetland_largeLeif was a burnt-out, dried-up Norwegian Baptist pastor that found himself dramatically transformed by the Holy Spirit in 1995. God Transformed Leif Hetland's heart for the nations in a smalll pastor's meeting in the city of Haugesund, commissioning him to go out and prepare the nations who have never before heard the Gospel. Desiring to spread the "Mission Virus" he founded Global Mission Awareness with the intent of reaching the unreached. Since then Leif has visited 75 nations on 5 continents and facilitated over 13 Peace and Harmony conferences in Pakistan, intent on bringing people of different faiths together to build relationships and unity. Now one of the most influential Christian Leaders in the Muslim nations, Leif's meetings and crusades are widely regarded for supernatural healings, signs and wonders.

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