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About The Trip

The harvest of Asia is becoming immensely bountiful. Asia needs laborers who are willing to help in the reaping. It’s our heart to come alongside local ministry and bring forth God’s glory and power to the countries of Taiwan and Cambodia. Join us on this journey as we stop first at the beautiful island of Taiwan. There you will be a part of the ministry team for the Kingdom Culture Conference sponsored by Asia for Jesus featuring: Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, and Bill Johnson. Each evening will include healing crusades with over 10,000 people expected to be in attendance. It’s an amazing opportunity to activate your faith, pray for the sick and see miracles happen.

Next, most of you will travel onto the country of Cambodia (a few will break from the team and travel to China). Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the southern portion of southeast Asia. It’s a nation full of ancient history and incredible people. You will continue to minister alongside Randy and the Global team to bring hope, healing and love to the local leaders and lay people of this region.

While most of the team travels to Cambodia, a few will travel into the People’s Republic of China. It’s a communist nation full of history, ancient architecture and passionate Christians. This portion of the trip is reserved for senior pastors, senior leaders and those specifically selected. Please let our IMT office know if you are applying for the China portion of this trip. If you are accepted, you will be visiting an orphanage and experiencing what we consider to be one of the most incredible ministries on the earth today. You will truly be living out James 1:27.

Led by Randy Clark and Tom Jones, this trip is bound to be an incredible time of ministry and special individual impartation, a trip of a lifetime.


Trip Speakers

Dr. Randy Clark Dr. Randy
Tom Jones Square2 Dr. Tom Jones

bill johnsonBill Johnson

Dr. Heidi Baker photographc Dr. Heidi Baker

will hartNathaniel Chow

steve swansonEwen Chow


Cost / Deadlines

Applications accepted by Mail, Fax and Email
Address:  1451 Clark Street,  ATTN:  IMT  Mechanicsburg, PA  17055
Fax:  717-796-9867
Email:  missions@globalawakening.com

$350 due at sign-up 

Early Bird - when paid by Dec 3, 2012
Taiwan Only:

US Travelers: $3,199
Non-US Travelers Price: $1,499
Taiwan/Cambodia or Taiwan/China:
US Travelers: $4,199
Non-US Travelers: $2,599

Regular Price - when paid in full by Dec 21, 2012
Taiwan Only:
US Travelers: $3,399
Non-US Travelers Price: $1,699*
Taiwan/Cambodia or Taiwan/China:
US Travelers: $4,399
Non-US Travelers: $2,799*

*Non-US price includes the flight to Cambodia or China

Important Dates
December 21, 2012 - Application and full payment due

Previous Trip Photos

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