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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I apply and prepare for a ministry trip?

Step 1 – complete online application and submit the $350 deposit (Except Mozambique deposit is $500)

Step 2 – Once your application has been processed we will email you a “Trip Application Received” email. In this email we will explain what documents are missing and general information about the preparing

Step 3 – Once we received and reviewed your references and you have been accepted. We will email you an acceptance package that will included all the information you will need to prepare for the trip. **Please note the acceptance package takes time to prepare and may not be completed until closer to the early bird date

Step 4 – It is now your responsibility to carefully and thoroughly read through the acceptance package and follow the instructions to prepare for the trip. Information included in the acceptance package is booking flights, obtaining VISAs, travel insurance, vaccinations, etc.

Step 5 – When receiving the acceptance package, please take the time to read through your acceptance package.

Q2 – What is covered in the cost of the trip?

The trip cost includes round trip airfare from one of twelve major airports in the US when flights are booked by the early bird date. Also included is your hotel room (based on double occupancy), three meals per day, and all ground transportation.

Q3 – What is not covered in the cost of the trip?

The trip cost does not include travel cost to and from the hub city airport, personal spending money, the cost of snacks and meals on travel days, gratuities where appropriate (waiters, bus drivers, housekeeping, etc.), travel insurance, passport and visa fees, country exit tax, and immunizations where required. (see also Q17)

Q4 – Where do I meet the team?

As USA travelers and Non-USA travelers (living outside of the USA), you will meet the team at the final destination.

Q5 – Can I travel from another country and join the Global Awakening team?

Anyone can travel to and participate in the meetings in any part of the world. If you would like to be on the Global Awakening Ministry team, we ask that you would fill out an online application and pay the deposit. You would make and pay for your own flight reservations to the host city and pay the Non-US Traveler cost.

Q6- Can I travel on my own and not use Global Awakening’s Travel Agent?

A. It is our policy to allow a team member to make their own travel arrangements (not use our travel agent) only for one of the following cases:

  1. You are traveling to the host country from outside of the US or from Canada;
  2. You have an Airline "Buddy Pass" with another team member and the airline will only allow you to use it if you make the reservation with them directly;
  3. You are using Frequent Flyer Miles
  4. You are authorized to use an Airline Employee Discount

If you qualify for one of the above, you must also understand that you will be responsible to get all the way to the host city (sometimes you may have to pay a connection fee in the host country) and be at the airport or hotel in the city where we are ministering at the time the rest of the team is arriving. If you are not at the airport during the time the other team members arrive, you will be responsible to connect up with the rest of the team and pay all costs associated with making this connection. If there are any internal flights, you will also be responsible to make these arrangements. Please contact the office for the TOTO (Travel On Their Own) discount for your trip.

Q7 - Can I upgrade my ticket to business or first class?

Yes, you will however need to pay the difference in price of what the standard flight would cost. When you book your ticket through Travel Leaders let them know you would like to fly business or first class. They will tell you what the price difference will be. You will then pay the difference in cost to Global Awakening.

Q8 - Can I have a single room on the trip?

Usually no, but exceptions can be made. Roommates are an important part of the trip and we don’t want you to miss out on that fellowship. We will consider making an exception depending on room availability. You should email us and explain the reason you would like the single room. Of course, if it is approved, there will be an additional cost that will be incurred and you will pay this on the trip.

Q9 - Can I leave for the trip early or stay later than the rest of the team?

Yes. Just let the travel agent know when you would like to arrive and leave. You will be responsible for your own transportation to or from the hotel and your accommodations during this time. We cannot guarantee you will receive the same room rate as Global Awakening.

Q10 - Can we sign up as a group for the trip?

Yes, Global Awakening welcomes groups on its international trips, whether they are organized by a church, some other ministry, or it is simply a group of friends. Give your group a name and put this group name on each application or correspondence you submit to our office. We ask that all payments to our office be done individually. If the church or ministry is making a payment toward one or more individuals, be sure that it is clear exactly how much each person’s account should be credited. (The one exception to this is the Mozambique trip. Due to the limited number of spaces available on the Mozambique trip, we cannot accommodate groups.)

Q11 - Does Global Awakening offer a scholarship?

Yes, the maximum scholarship amount is $250. To apply for a scholarship please send an email to missions@globalawakening.com describing why you need the scholarship and what you have done to raise the funds for this trip. Scholarship is for the Youth Power Invasion trip only.

Q12 – Can I receive donations for this trip?

Yes. Tax deductible donations can be made on your behalf up to the date the trip departs. Any donations exceeding the cost of the trip will be refunded to the team member up to the amount the team member paid in themselves. Donations can be made through our website at https://globalawakening.wufoo.com/forms/payment-or-donation-for-ministry-trip-applicant/ or mailed to Global Awakening, Attn: IMT 1451 Clark Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. All donations will go to Global Awakening and are non-refundable. Donations over $50 will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.

Q13 – Do I need training before attending the trip?

Yes, there are 3 ways to receive training for IMT Trips.
First Option: You have already attended or will attend a Global Awakening ministry team training or Global Healing School prior to trip departure.
Second Option: Order the following CDs and training manual by calling the Global Awakening Bookstore at (717) 796-9866 or go to www.globalawakeningstore.com for complete list of material and cost associated.
Third Option: Download the MP3s and order the training manual in PDF format by calling the Global Awakening Bookstore at (717) 796-9866 or online go to www.globalawakeningstore.com for complete list of material and cost associated.

Q14 – What are the age limits for trips?

18 or older

Q15 – What vaccinations do I need to get?

We highly recommend our team members to check with their family doctor or the following website http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list regarding what type of vaccinations or medications to take when going overseas. Your family doctor will know your history and what shots you have already had and if they cannot assist you they should be able to refer you to a specialist who can. It would be up to you what you choose to do with the advice of your family doctor, specialist or www.cdc.gov.  If there are required vaccinations we will let you know in the acceptance letter.

Q16 – How do I get my passport and VISA (if needed)?

If you do not have a passport you may need to pay for expedited processing. Due to recent changes in the law, processing time for passports can be extremely slow. All USA team members are required to have a valid passport good for 6 MONTHS BEYOND YOUR RETURN TRIP DATE. If you do not have a valid passport, please expedite. Application forms to apply for a passport are available at post offices. Currently, United States passports are valid for 10 years. You will need your passport BEFORE you can apply for your visa (if needed). If you need to expedite your passport, call Swift Passport Services at 1-877- 917-9438. They can also get a VISA. For more information on applying for a US passport, contact: www.travel.state.gov

Q17 – Are there fees for checked bags?

There have been changes to airline policies and flights. Domestic flights and some international destinations no longer include free checked baggage. If you have a cost for checked baggage you will be responsible for the cost. You will pay for your baggage when you check-in at the airport. Please check with your airline for cost. Also, if you want an advance seat assignment, you will also be responsible for the cost.