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March Brazil 2014

A Few Things That I Learned in Brazil.

I saw the most beautiful girls in the entire world. They were small, had been forgotten, but now love had surpassed all their past. Their future now includes being warriors for Christ and Lovers of Christ, but for now they just get to be kids. They came to us. They put their hands in ours and hugged us. They thanked us for being there and prayed prayers of love and protection over us. I will never forget them. The imprint of those little hands will stay with me my entire life.

Rodney asked, "What will I do with the things that I don't understand? Will I put it between me and God?" There were things in this country that I didn't understand. Seeing the cruelty of man, my spirit felt broken, my heart felt broken. God showed me the heart that he put in me to help hurting and wounded women. I know that it is a road map to help the hurting.

There were tears of joy also. So many people received a touch from God, inner healing, or physical healing because we just became a willing vessel for him. Blind people seeing, deaf people hearing, people accepting Christ as their savior, and so many people's lives radically changed...including mine! It was so glorious. Stories like right out of the Bible, but isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

The friends I met; my fellow missionaries, if I may call them that, helped me in ways I can't describe. I learned so much from all of them, so much fun and so many amazing stories. Thank you my fellow worshipping warriors (LOVE you), the fabulous five and their amazing treasure hunt (you gals Rock!), amazing team and leaders, our very own prayer lines on the bus and impartations, encouragement, love, love and more love. A piece of Brazil has been imbedded in my heart and I hope it stays there forever. Thank you!

- Kelly