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Sri Lanka 2014

From the moment we touched down you could feel the importance of this week for the Christian community and for the nation of Sri Lanka. Our leadership remarked that they had never seen a church with such expectation before the conference had even begun. Half the team arrived on the stroke of midnight alongside Eric Johnson and we were dutifully ferried via a coach to our hotel. The amazing care of the team by the local church would continue throughout week, not missing a beat.

The first team session was followed by an impartation for the Sri Lankan ministry team. This would set the tone for the mission trip, in that God turned up so powerfully and changed hearts from the first instance. His presence would only increase with every session. We were treated to such an amazing array of talks from Eric, Randy and Tom. I can honestly say I have never experienced such a great sequence of messages in my life.

You could really tell that God wanted to do a lot in Sri Lanka and he didn't waste any time. For the three day conference the main theme was impartation prayer, and there was such a great deposit in the hearts of the people of this nation. So much happened sovereignly, often the Holy Spirit would just take over the meeting and just direct us from there onwards.

Although most of the time we were not specifically praying for healing, the healings numbered well into the thousands. This reached a crescendo at the Sunday service, where we recorded over 600 healings in one session as a group. Some of the healings included blind, deaf, lame, total paralysation, metal being healed, leukaemia, mental illnesses and many more just everything you could imagine.

Every day was an adventure as we just walked in the victory of Christ in every moment. There were so many amazing events from intercession where the Lion of Judah appeared to a team member to the extent that she could feel his fur to jewels falling in the meeting. We were just in awe of the outpouring from heaven that just kept building day after day.

The team bonded so well and really got around each other in support. The group was ecumenical and there was such a unity amongst us that really came in line with what God wants to do worldwide.

I know I speak for the whole team when I say it was such a pleasure to be a part of this revival, this really was a special time in our lives and a significant time for that country. Special thanks to Charity Cook. She was exceptional in all her work organising the team.

It was such a pleasure getting to worship the King halfway across the globe. We are all expecting to hear many amazing stories coming out of this nation in the years to come.